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Where does the WEE CABIN Company build?

We get requests for builds from across the country, but have made the decision to build within a 30 mile radius of Ely, Minnesota, where we live.  We’re sorry to disappoint you if you’re not in our range.

Does the WEE CABIN Company ship or have kits for sale?

Due to the expense of shipping, and our team wanting to stay closer to home, we do not sell WEE CABIN kits or ship finished cabins to other locations.  We do not sell plans, but we are happy to put you in contact with our architect of choice, Dale Mulfinger, SALA Architects.

What size WEE CABINS do you build?

We can build any size you want. Think of a box, and what size you want that box to be and what you want inside the box.  That's where we start. Here are the most popular sizes we've built:

WEE CABINS: 10'x15'   12'x18'  14'x20'  14'x27'  20'x30'

Other structures: Outhouses: 5'x5'   Sheds: 5'x8'  8'x12'  10x15'   Saunas: 8'x16'   10'x15'   10'x16'  etc


Can we live in a WEE CABIN year round?

Yes!! We live in one ourselves, the 20'x30' WEE TREEHOUSE and live off the grid with solar, as does another nearby hamlet.  It helps to have plumbing if you want to live in a WEE CABIN year round, but is not necessary.  If you don't have plumbing, you'll need a WEE OUTHOUSE.

What do WEE CABINS cost?

The WEE CABIN Company is a time/materials plus contracting fee business. We do not mark materials up. You pay for what is used & pay only for the actual time, labor & associated costs that it takes to build.

Pricing depends on many factors: Size of structure, electrical systems, location, amenities, materials choices.

Our 2024 pricing for cabins & saunas, are currently $325-$450/sq ft. Pricing includes: fully insulated doug fir timber-frame structure, pine inside and out, steel metal roofing, pine flooring, windows, cedar doors, steel hardware, deck, wired for electric & plumbed. Price does not include cabinets or fixtures. All infrastructure costs extra.

For smaller or un-insulated structures, estimated pricing is $200-$250/sq ft.

Outhouses. A 5'x5' Outhouse is currently running $9500-$16,000. Delivery is additional.

For more detailed information on pricing and options, please visit our contact page.

Do you build 'off the grid’?

Yes. Many of our projects have been built in remote locations, with no access to the electrial grid.  We work with a local solar expert for all installs.

Can you have electricity or plumbing in a WEE CABIN?

Yes! Most of the WEE CABIN structures built today are wired for electric.  Some are hooked up to the grid. Some are not.

Plumbing: If size allows, plumbing can be added. An additional smaller structure can also be attached to any of our original WEE CABINS, to create your own bath space.

All electrical and plumbing work is sub-contracted with licensed and insured contractors.

How long does it take to have a WEE CABIN built?

Depending on the size of your WEE CABIN, smaller sizes (14'x20’ and smaller) can take 4-6 months. Larger projects (14'x27' and up) take 8-12 month.  Timing is dependent on when project starts, weather, and materials lead time.

Outhouses, sheds & smaller projects take a few weeks to a month. Check with your permitting department to see if outhouses are allowed (in St. Louis County, MN, they still are.)

Will you work with plans or designs from an architect?

Yes. Our architect of choice is Dale Mulfinger of SALA Architects, Mpls., but we will be happy to work with your architect.

What can a WEE CABIN be used for?

Anything you can imagine: Guest cabin, family cabin, sauna, workshop, mother-in-law cabin, sanctuary, retreat, shelter, shed, a place to write that novel, a home. If you can imagine it, we can build it for you.