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Handcrafted Timber-frame Cabins

(Contractor License BC#524460)



Located in Ely, Minnesota, The WEE CABIN™ Company has been building handcrafted timber-frame cabins since 2005.  Each structure is designed by owner Eric Mase to suit our clients’ unique needs and desires, using time-honored construction techniques and materials both modern and traditional.  We pride ourselves in making minimal impact to the environment and building rustic yet energy-efficient structures that are not only charming, but will last for generations.

The WEE CABIN™ Company has been featured on Minnesota Bound TV, Venture North (PBS Duluth) in numerous periodicals including Cabin Life magazine and is featured in the recently published “Back to the Cabin” by Dale Mulfinger  (2013, Taunton Press).


Now featured in:

“Back to the Cabin” by Dale Mulfinger, Taunton Press, October 2013.

"When all is completed, these structures feel as if they were lovingly lowered from a helicopter, perfectly nestled into place."
~ Dale Mulfunger, Back to the Cabin, 2013.~

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For more information and photos visit us at:

www.facebook.com/weecabins or call us at (218) 349-7765.

  • Thoreau Wee Cabin: 10'x15'
  • Wee Cabin Sauna #1: 10'x10'
  • Inside the Wee Sauna...
  • The Gingerbread Wee Cabin: 12'x18'
  • The Gingerbread Wee Sauna: 10'x15'
  • The Gingerbread Wee Shed: 8'x12'
  • The Lookout Wee Cabin: 14'x18...
  • The Wee Shed #1: 10'x10
  • Inside the Thoreau Wee Cabin: 10'x15'<br />
Photo by Dafne Caruso.
  • The Wee Sauna: 10'x10'<br />
photo by Dafne Caruso
  • The Thoreau.. blanketed in snow and ready for a fire...
  • The Gingerbread Sauna (10'x16') nestled in the snowy woods, ready for a good sweat...
  • The WEE CABIN Treehouse. 20'x30'.<br />
with builder Eric Mase, enjoying a cup of java on the deck...
  • The WEE CABIN Treehouse. 20'x30'.<br />
Designed & built Eric Mase of the WEE CABIN Company, Ely, MN.
  • The WEE ELY. 14'x27'. <br />
Under construction.<br />
Built by the WEE CABIN Company in association with Dale Mulfinger of SALA Archiects.
  • The WEE FINN Outhouse.  5'x5' fully insulated.<br />
Designed & built by the WEE CABIN Company, Ely, MN.