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Handcrafted Timber-frame Cabins

(Contractor License BC#524460)

Pricing & Info

cabin1.pngEach WEE CABIN™ is designed and built to fit our individual client’s needs as well as the surrounding landscape.  Pricing varies depending on many choices (type of windows, wood used, plumbing, off the grid, etc).  We are known for building in remote locations, including off-the-grid sites.

As a guideline, WEE CABINS™ range from $150-$300/sq. ft. Currently the WEE CABINS can be built within a 45 mile radius of Ely, MN.

Another option is to purchase a ready made frame, dismantled, numbered and shipped to you ready to be finished by your local contractor.

Most of our WEE CABINS™are built for weekend & seasonal usage only. We now build larger cabins to accommodate indoor plumbing & showers, vs an outhouse & sauna... They still have the charm of a WEE CABIN™, just with modern amenities...

Choose from one of our designs below, or we can custom design the cabin of your dreams.

  • Wee Cabin House (20’x30’)
  • Look Out Wee Cabin (14’x18’)
  • Gingerbread Wee Cabin (12’x18’)
  • Thoreau Wee Cabin (10’x15’)
  • Wee Sauna (10’x10’; 10’x12’)
  • Wee Shed (10’x10’)
  • Wee-Wee House (4’x4’; 5’x5’; 6’x6’)

Please visit our Facebook page for additional photos of the WEE CABINS™ and more information.  www.facebook.com/weecabins

Thank you for your interest in the WEE CABINS™!